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ZOMBILLIES is episode three of YFMTS, in which the band breaks down and has to fight off zombie hillbillies, otherwise known as "zombillies."


On 28 November 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode starts with DeeJay driving their bus, while Puff complains about when their next stop will be. Benatar suggests that playing his new song will pass the time until they stop, which is met with uninterested responses from the rest of the group. He begins playing regardless, making everybody cover their ears and beg him to stop as DeeJay temporarily loses control of the bus. Benatar stops after hearing the frustration from them all, as Puff begins insulting it in various manners, ending with him telling Benatar he'll never play that song again. DeeJay mentions that he wants to cleanse his ears from hearing that song, to which Puff mentions that he has a collection of new jokes he needs to try out. Axel complains, saying they've already been through enough that day, which then leads to their bus breaking down.

It then cuts to DeeJay pulling the engine out of the bus, muttering about how Axel caused this, before it moves to a shot of Axel, Benatar and Puff all standing together, with three zombies walking towards them. Puff greets them, albeit insultingly, and asks them for a hand in fixing their engine. He pulls of one of the zombie's hands, thanking him confusedly, and begins to back up with the rest of his group. Puff says that they're not hillbillies like they had previously thought, but rather "zombillies." Once the group is up against the bus, he picks up a microphone stand to use as a weapon and tells them to back off. He asks DeeJay how the engine's looking, to which he responds with needing a few more minutes to get things working. Benatar suggests that his song could soothe the zombillies to sleep, earning annoyed responses from the rest of the band about not wanting to hear it again.

Axel and Benatar both begin attacking the zombillies with their instruments, before the camera cuts to a shot of Puff on top of the bus, asking if the zombies like comedy. Axel comments on how they're definitely dead, before Puff begins telling a collection of zombilly-related jokes, earning disappointed groans from them. DeeJay gets the engine running again, although the zombillies quickly go after them. The group climbs on top of the bus, all of them terrified except for Benatar, who seems oddly calm. He asks if anyone has a final request, mentioning that they could do with some good music to die to, when Puff gets an idea. He urges Benatar to play his song, despite never wanting to hear it again, and claims that it's their only hope for survival.

The group plugs their ears as Benatar begins playing his song, causing the zombillies to begin attacking themselves. Puff tells everybody to get inside, and it cuts DeeJay turning the bus back on and driving off, as everyone makes relieved comments. The next shot is of the outside of the bus, with Benatar still playing his song on top, as everybody inside makes disgusted remarks about Axel's pet hawk, Vincent, bringing one of the zombillies' balls in. It ends with Axel confusedly asking that their balls don't look like that, and the end credits play.



  • Axel's pet hawk was seen for the first time in this episode.
  • This was the first episode where Benatar had a fairly big role.

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