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"We're a fake cartoon band who writes comedy songs. We're 100% super-duper serious about the subject matter of our songs. Yes, our balls really are the size of the earth's moon. Yes, we really do drink the tears of baby orphans. Yes, we really have sexual relations with zombies. No, seriously."

Your Favorite Martian (or YFM) is a virtual band created by Ray William Johnson. It is comprised of four members, Puff-Puff (Lead singer), Benatar (Guitarist), Axel (Drummer) and DeeJay (DJ). Together they write songs about all kinds of topics, ranging from toxic relationships to a girl that has exceptionally large breasts. During the years they were active, they were the #1 most subscribed music channel on YouTube and sold over 1.2 million songs on iTunes.

Unfortunately, the project was retired in late 2012 after a dispute between Ray and his network, Maker Studios, which lead to the cancellation of the album they had been working on for nearly a year.

Following their shutdown in 2012, Ray William Johnson uploaded a video on May 15th, 2022 confirming a revival of YFM with a large project and a new single in the works. [1] The “Martian Multiverse,” as it’s called, alongside a brand new track is set to release on the 1st of June, with Disney Digital Network now funding the project since it was rebranded from Maker Studios.




  • The band's name is likely a spoof on 'My Favorite Martian', a 1960s TV series about a martian crash landing on earth and being taken in by a news reporter.
  • Out of all the members, Puff is the only one who is based on a real person (Ray William Johnson).
  • Their most viewed music video was Tig Ol' Bitties, with over 48 million views before it was made private.