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YFMTS (Your Favorite Martian: The Series) takes us behind the scenes of Your Favorite Martian, the animated band in the cartoon music video series created by Ray William Johnson of =3 fame.
- Animonster in DOUCHEBAGGED


Your Favorite Martian: The Series (or YFMTS) was an animated web series hosted on the Animonster YouTube channel. It follows the members of the band as they get into all kinds of wacky antics.

The series ran for 11 episodes over the course of 5 months before going on hiatus. Unfortunately, the second season was cancelled when YFM retired.


Thumbnail # Title Synopsis Upload Date
YFMTS -Episode 1 reup thumb.jpg 1 DOUCHEBAGGED "Puff-Puff is caught admiring the boobs of a hot girl in a bikini at the Jersey Shore. After getting his butt kicked by a dude like The Situation, he must train with a manatee and learn to fight douche with douche" Dec 3, 2011
YFMTS - (Episode 2) Die For Rock & Roll reup thumb.jpg 2 DIE FOR ROCK & ROLL "Puff decides the fastest route to stardom is... murder!" Dec 15, 2011
YFMTS - (Episode 3) Zombillies reup thumb.jpg 3 ZOMBILLIES "When the band's bus breaks down in a town full of zombies, we find out that Benatar and his keytar are actually good for something." Dec 29, 2011
YFMTS - (Episode 4) Bad Seed reup thumb.jpg 4 BAD SEED "Puff babysits a kid to win over the girl he adores, little that he realizes that he's taking on the brat from Hell!" Jan 12, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 5) -1 Fan reup thumb.jpg 5 #1 FAN "Puff welcomes YFM's biggest (and only) fan but when things start getting weird, how obsessed is too obsessed?" Jan 26, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 6) G.I.A.-G.P.S. reup thumb.jpg 6 G.I.A./G.P.S. "Puff's G.P.S. system turns out to be a female A.I. who does not approve of him going to the strip club, the Bald Beaver." Feb 9, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 7) Quarantine reup thumb.jpg 7 QUARANTINE "When Puff decides to "vaccinate" the band with chickenpox, Axel and Deejay get even by giving Puff a deathly scare." Feb 23, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 8) Road Rage reup thumb.jpg 8 ROAD RAGE "When Puff-Puff crashes the tour bus, the guys put him through a series of anger-management tests to decide whether or not he can have his "driving rights" back." Mar 8, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 9) Pity Fuck reup thumb.jpg 9 PITY F*CK "When Puff-Puff dates and unexpectedly falls in love with Dee-Jay's cousin, he begins to see Dee-Jay in a new light." Mar 22, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 10) ISO Tank reup thumb.jpg 10 ISO TANK Puff-Puff uses an isolation tank in hopes of finding inspiration for his love song for Tig. Apr 5, 2012
YFMTS - (Episode 11) Bus Arrest reup thumb.jpg 11 BUS ARREST "Puff-Puff must keep Tig unaware of his "bus arrest" during their first date" Apr 19, 2012


Main Characters[]

Supporting Characters[]


The animation in YFMTS was done by Cosmic Toast Studios, who were also animating the music videos at the same time.

Despite the show being marketed as "Created by Ray William Johnson", Ray doesn't have any credits to his name in the show apart from the voice of Puff. The reasoning for this is unknown.


  • The only time Axel was heard talking was in YFMTS.
  • In the series, Benatar was voiced by RWJ, however in their songs, he was voiced by Jesse Cale.
  • The series was labelled L D V S by YouTube for containing explicit content.