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- Tara in BAD SEED (YFMTS)

Tara is supposed to Tig's bratty niece. She debuts in BAD SEED (YFMTS).


Tara has a comically rectangular head shape and long nose. She has ginger hair just like her Aunt, Tig, with two buns. She has freckles on her face, a unibrow and has blue eyes. She wears a white top, green skirt and white socks with green shoes. She is also seen carrying a huge purple bag on her back.


She is bratty pre-teen. If she doesn't get what she wants, she throws tantrums and keeps chanting the same thing. She would throw other's things around and even destroy them if she is bored. However, she acts good whenever her Aunt, Tig, shows up. BAD SEED (YFMTS)


  • BAD SEED (YFMTS) is the only video Tara appears in.
  • Tara doesn't have a Ladybug Studios Design.