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Man, fuck you, Santa! We're spending Christmas with the homeless!
- Puff Puff Humbert in SANTA HATES POOR KIDS

Santa Hates Poor Kids is the 22nd song released by Your Favorite Martian and the 6th video animated by Cosmic Toast Studios. It features Puff denouncing Christmas, as he always receives lousy presents, and assumes it is because Santa has a disdain for the poor.

Music Video


Lyrics on the SANTA HATES POOR KIDS/Lyrics sub-page.


  • This is the only YFM song related to a holiday.
  • In the music video, Axel "sings".
  • Unlike all the other, Benatar is shown wearing his regular clothes, only torn.
  • The "My Stripper Pony" present Billy receives is a reference to My Little Pony.