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And one night Megatron rolled in, he ordered Pennzoil, drank it straight from a can
- Puff Puff Humbert in Robot Bar Fight

Robot Bar Fight is the 14th song released by Your Favorite Martian. It features Humbert recounting an experience he had while working at a bar for robots

Music Video


ROBOT BAR FIGHT - (Your Favorite Martian music video)


Lyrics on the ROBOT BAR FIGHT/Lyrics sub-page.


  • It is the second song about a club/bar. The first one is Club Villain
  • Coincidentally, Megatron appears in both, and they both have 2 animations styles together (meaning different looks during certain parts).
  • This is the third song to show the band members in 2 different styles throughout the video, the first two being Club Villain and Tig Ol Bitties (Being they looked different than normal. In Tig Ol Bitties, Deejay, Benatar and Puff Puff have something different about them, noticablly their hair).
  • This is the first song Deejay doesn't appear in.