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ROAD RAGE is episode eight of YFMTS, in which the rest of the group put Puff through a series of anger-management tests to see if he should be given his driving rights back.


On 3 December 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode starts with Puff behind the wheel of the tour bus, getting frustrated at the amount of traffic they're stuck in. A child pokes up through the window of the car in front of them and begins pulling faces at him, as Puff tries to explain to DeeJay that he's not getting unreasonably angry. Unable to contain his anger, he pulls a few faces back at the child, causing him to cry and look away. Puff, triumphant that he had gotten the child to leave, starts cheering at himself, just before he loses control of the bus and crashes it at the side of the road.

Benatar and Axel, both with their hair messed up, appear from behind the seats and ask what had happened as DeeJay takes the keys from Puff. He explains that Puff is just having some anger issues, to which Puff retaliates by explaining that putting up with them tests his patience more than anything. This piques DeeJay's curiosity, as he says that in order for Puff to keep his driving privileges, he needs to pass a series of anger management tests given by them. He says that it'll be easy, just as it fades to a shot of him standing in a squirrel costume, looking unimpressed. Benatar blows a kazoo in his face and tells him to sing The Squirrel Song, to which Puff asks if he can eat broken glass instead. He asks DeeJay if he's recording it, and reluctantly begins singing and dancing to it. After finishing, Puff angrily asks if they're happy, to which Axel says he's never been happier and demands an encore. Puff, now losing his temper, refuses, earning him one strike out of three.

The next scene is of DeeJay and Puff sitting together, ready for his next challenge. DeeJay says that he would tell "yo mama" jokes to him, but his grandma raised him rather than his parents. Puff thanks him for showing her some respect, but DeeJay says that he'd be telling "yo grandma" jokes instead. What follows is Puff trying to keep himself calm as he repeatedly insults his grandma, eventually snapping on the fourth joke, earning him a second strike.

It then cuts to Puff sitting in his bunk without his hoodie. Axel comes over, asking if he's got a hold on his anger, to which Puff responds that he's going to be "as cool as the other side of the pillow." Revealing a shrunken version of Puff's favorite hoodie, Axel says that it was probably the temperature he should've washed it on. Puff reacts angrily, saying he's going to kill Axel, when DeeJay draws back the curtain of one of the bunks and says he's got three strikes, meaning he's out.

The next shot is of Axel, Benatar and DeeJay all standing together, clearly drunk. They taunt Puff over how he's never going to drive again, when the police pull up to the bus and asks if they've been drinking. Puff says that he hasn't and DeeJay asks him if he can drive them out of their spot, although Puff says he'll only do it if he does The Squirrel Dance beforehand.



  • At the beginning of the episode, WHIP YO KIDS (feat. Nice Peter) is playing on the radio.
  • While Puff is singing The Squirrel Song, Axel is seen mouthing along to it.

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