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But dude, I'm totally banging George Clooney's sister-in-law."
- Brock (Mr. DoucheBag) in Mr. DoucheBag (song)

Brock Douchebag, usually simply referred to as Mr. DoucheBag, is a reoccurring character in YFMTS.


Phase 1

In Phase 1, Brock 'DoucheBag' appears to be a heavy-set, muscular individual. (Built different some would say.) He dons his signature black tank-top, gold chain and sunglasses. Physically, Brock appears to be around 8 feet tall, with pink puffy lips, spiky hair and a goatee. Brock's phalanges and spine appear to be horrifically mangled resulting in a slumped appearance, this is likely a consequence of his crippling Cerebral Palsy.

Phase 2

His appearance did not undergo any major changes from phase 1. With the exception of his iconic belt being removed and his shorts having their pattern removed. This simplification of the character did not go unnoticed in the fandom.


Mr. DoucheBag isn't a very pleasant character to be around. He is known to hit on girls half his age, and be unfaithful to his various partners. Even though the Y.F.M. band wrote a whole song insulting him, he still appears to be on good terms with them in the Animated Series, YFMTS, where he helps Puff Puff Humbert score with various women.


  • Mr. DoucheBag (song) raised in popularity again in 2020, leading to numerous edits of him being made on random things for the memes.