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Just gonna stand there and watch me burn? But that's alright because I like the way it hurts.
- Benatar in Love The Way You Lie

LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE is the 36th song released by Your Favorite Martian and the 4th cover song. It is a rock cover of Eminem and Rihanna's original song by the same name, Love the way you lie.
The video once again, after COMPLICATED, centers around the Angel GF and the Devil BF and the band behind the scenes playing the song describing their tough situation.

Music Video


LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE (rock cover of Eminem-Rihanna)


Lyrics on the LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE (Eminem/Rihanna Rock cover)/Lyrics sub-page.


  • This YFM music video shares the same characters (Devil and Angel), same room, and same theme as the music video "COMPLICATED"
  • This is a sequel to the YFM song "Complicated".
  • This is the first cover in which Puff shortens the song.