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ISO TANK is episode ten of YFMTS, in which Puff uses a sensory deprivation tank in hopes of finding inspiration for his love song for Tig.


On 5 December 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode starts with the group stood around a sensory deprivation tank, with Puff excitedly talking about how it'll be the answer to his writer's block. DeeJay confusedly asks if it's a coffin, as Axel adds on that suicide is never the answer, and Puff angrily explains that it's not a coffin, but rather an isolation tank. DeeJay looks at the price tag still on the tank, which reads $2000, and explains that he could've made his own for $5, to which Puff says that it wouldn't be the same, as isolation tanks make you "trip balls, without the LSD." Axel says, much like his previous line, that drugs are never the answer as DeeJay says that LSD itself would've been much cheaper. Puff explains that he's been struggling with finding the words to describe Tig in his love song for her, and that he's hoping that by using the deprivation tank while thinking about her, he'll figure out what to say.

It then cuts to a shot of him floating in the tank, telling the rest of the group not to open the tank until he tells them to. They shut the lid, and Puff travels to a white space with a copy of himself standing next to him. The copy says that if he's going to talk to himself, he should do it right, so he begins awkwardly introducing himself, commenting that he really is short. He explains to the copy that he's having trouble writing the love song to Tig, saying that she's like a summer's day as the background fades to one. The copy says that it's corny, but a good start, and says for him to explain more about her. Puff says that he likes Tig for her mind, before the copy says that he can't fool himself and it cuts to a shot of them standing on Tig's chest. He admits that it's a part of it, before it fades to a shot of the band itself all as copies of Puff, set up on Tig's ass.

DeeJay says that it seems Puff already knows what to write his song about, as Axel and Benatar argue between one another. Puff tells them all to be quiet and let him think, as it fades to a shot of Puff and Tig standing together. He explains to her that he has no idea where to start, to which she simply smiles. This seems to give Puff some inspiration, as he begins to monologue about how maybe he doesn't need to say anything and that he should just write from his heart, rather than spend time thinking about it. He leans in, as if he's about to kiss her, but instead he "motorboats" in Tig's chest, which she is not impressed by.

It cuts to the rest of the group sat by the isolation tank, as many loud noises come from it. Axel asks the others if it sounds like Puff is drowning to them, to which DeeJay says that only Puff would find a way to drown in four inches of water. They open the tank, and Puff comes out, oddly energized. He explains that he's going to call his song "Tig Ol' Bitties," as Benatar asks them what it means. Puff tells them that he's going back inside the tank, to which Axel excitedly asks if he's going to work on a song about how much Benatar sucks. Puff says that he's just going to masturbate, earning disgusted looks from the rest of the group



  • The song Puff mentions is a direct reference to one of their earlier songs, TIG OL' BITTIES.

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