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Helps me stay connected to my uncles and my aunts, but I also know she's been in my best friend's pants
- Benatar in Grandma Got a Facebook

Grandma Got a Facebook is the 10th song released by Your Favorite Martian. It features Grandma getting hooked on Facebook only to start getting sexual with her friends, much to Humbert's dismay.


The video was uploaded again to the official YouTube channel on 22nd Nov 2021.
This is the forth re-upload of a privated video on the YFMVEVO channel, after Tig Ol' Bitties re-upload.


Lyrics on the Grandma Got a Facebook/Lyrics sub-page.

Music Video



Your Favorite Martian - Grandma Got a Facebook -Official Music Video-

Original Upload (private)


Grandma Got a Facebook - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

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