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Grandma, sometimes called Meemaw by her grandson Puff, is a minor character in YFMTS.


Phase 1

In the first phase, Grandma bore a very high resemblance to Puff, in that she had tanned skin, gray hair styled how his was, and a purple-pink dress. She also wore round glasses and purple slippers.

Phase 2

Her design didn't change at all since phase one, aside from some slightly smoother lines.


Grandma is shown to be kind and thoughtful, frequently calling Puff and his bandmates "dearie." She seems to care about her grandson greatly, as she was eager to see him in YFMTS #6 when GIA tricked the group into going to her retirement home and looked upset when they drove away as soon as they got there.


  • She was a groupie for The Grateful Dead.
  • Her retirement home is called Gray Bush Manor.
  • She is one of the rare examples of a character's design sticking to the Studio Ladybug art style, rather than updating to Cosmic Toast.