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G.I.A./G.P.S. is episode six of YFMTS, in which they get a female GPS that's a bit smarter than they had anticipated.


On 1 December 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode opens with the band gathered together as Puff unboxes a new GPS named GIA given to him by his grandma. He begins reading the instruction manual, commenting on how he hopes that she isn't too realistic, while DeeJay and Benatar agree, and Axel claims that women can't drive. Puff plugs GIA in and she starts up with a female mouth greeting them. Axel attempts to flirt with it, quickly apologizing that it's his "pickup line reflex." Puff suggests that they use GIA to help them find a new strip club called The Bald Beaver, although she says that the location is not found. He begins to insult GIA, forcing her to give in and give them directions, although Puff continues to insult her by saying she's wrong. GIA continues giving directions, although Puff is confused by them. DeeJay says to just follow what it says, earning an offended comment from GIA, saying that he's being "cybersexist."

They pull up at Puff's grandma's retirement home rather than The Bald Beaver. Puff questions GIA, and she explains that it was to teach them a lesson about the place they're going to. Axel quickly urges Puff to drive off, and he does, leaving his grandma in the entrance, upset. In the next shot he is seen leaning out the bus window, shouting to his grandma that he loves her. He begins to confront GIA about how she's not here to give moral judgement and says that he'll recycle her if she keeps it up. She claims that he "[hasn't] got the balls," leading to Axel moving close up to GIA's screen to flirt with her, earning disgusted looks from the rest of the group. He sits back up, telling them to just ignore him, as Puff says that they don't need her and that they can just use Google Maps instead.

This causes GIA to send electrical currents throughout the bus, making them stop. DeeJay comments that they have "a GPS with PMS," prompting her to say that she has advanced from the regular woman and that she is much stronger. Benatar explains that she's taken control of the bus as Puff demands that she gives their bus back and Axel compliments her by calling her a "metal chick." DeeJay tells them to calm down, to which Puff asks what the worst she can do is. GIA tells them to "accept [their] beaverless fate," as Axel asks if he can go to the bathroom and walk Vincent if he does. She continues to talk about how she's proven that female intellect is superior, and how they'll never get to where they want to be now, although Puff loudly objects.

The next shot is of them pushing their bus into the parking lot of The Bald Beaver, and GIA making a note to adjust her AI to account for male stupidity. Puff stops pushing their bus and turns to the rest of the group, relieved that they've finally made it, just before they all collapse on top of each other.



  • The band was able to get out of the bus despite GIA locking them in, although they most likely escaped through the multiple broken windows.
  • This episode confirms that the YFM bus does not have a bathroom, as Axel expresses how he needs to exit the bus in order to take a piss.

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Y.F.M.T.S. - G.I.A.-G.P.S.

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YFMTS - (Episode 6) G.I.A.-G.P.S.

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