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The Friend Zone Girl refers to the unnamed girl that appears in FRIEND ZONE music video. She appears as Benatar's main love interest but she herself doesn't seem too interested in him.


The Friend Zone Girl is an average height, slim & curvy, pink haired woman. She has a lot of girly characteristics, comparatively large head as compared to the other cast, chubby face with a mole on her right cheek, long wavy pink hair, curly sideburns & a small nose. She also has a tranquil look to her, with half-closed eyes & elegant mannerisms.

She usually wears a pale brown bottleneck sweater, which is greyish-blue at times (still photos in Friend zone), a dark brown mini skirt (pencil skirt) matching with her dark brown cuff ankle boots & a pinkish-white hairband with a flower on one side of her head. She also wears mascara & pink lipstick, which red on other places (still photos in Friend zone).


She has a girly and elegant personality, matching her appearance.

She has friends, Benatar & Brock (Mr. DoucheBag) being 2 of them, of whom she seems only like Brock as a romantic partner & Benatar only as a friend, hence the song, FRIEND ZONE.
Even though, having no interest in Benatar, she still cares about not hurting his feelings, as she never explicitly tells him about having no interest in him, so the thing never ends and continues for 60 years.

She enjoys hanging out with friends, watching movies, dinners, going to amusement parks, etc. As part of her girly personality, she gets scared easily as shown in mentioned music video, where she, frightened by a small killer clown, hugs Benatar for comfort.
One her elegant side, she's always well kept and calm.


  • Her rig puppet has a different and lighter skin tone below her thighs.
  • She has a pet dog, a white terrier.
  • Her folded arms animation has an error, whether intentional or not, where her lower arm is placed below her upper arm.