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Dance, dance, dance like you’re having a seizure.

Epileptic Techno is the 20th song released by Your Favorite Martian and the 4th video animated by Cosmic Toast Studios. It features the band going to a night club that causes them to have seizures.

Music Video


Your Favorite Martian - Epileptic Techno -Official Music Video-


The video was uploaded again to the official YouTube channel on 13th Nov 2021.


Lyrics on the EPILEPTIC TECHNO/Lyrics sub-page.


  • It is the second song to have Techno in the name. The first one is Transphobic techno A.K.A. Bitch Got A Penis.
  • This is the first appearance of Oprah. The second one is Dookie Fresh.
  • It is also the second appearance of the croud, which first appeared in Booty Store and then in She Looks Like Sex and White Boy Wasted.
  • Deejay and Benatar both smile when they run into Oprah in the alley, and Axel and Puff Puff frown. Deejay's smile is the biggest.
  • This song is one of YFMs last Techno-Inspired songs after the end of the first Phase