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And maybe you ARE so small that I can see your feet in your driver's license picture.
- Dee Jayne in PITY F*CK (YFMTS)

Dee Jayne is the cousin of DeeJay, she is a minor character in YFMTS.


Dee Jayne is very similar to DeeJay in appearance. She wears a pink tracksuit with two yellow lines on one side and a small yellow heart on the other. She has a comb and bow in her afro as well as large earrings.


Dee Jayne is shown to be very assertive, to the point where she uses a whip while making love. She is also rather sassy, throwing shade at Puff's height after he comments on her weight.

Role in YFMTS

Dee Jayne is introduced in episode 9 of YFMTS, PITY F*CK. When Puff is desperate for a date for valentines day, DeeJay hooks him up with Dee Jayne, the date seems to be a disaster until they spontaneously kiss and Dee Jayne demands Puff to meet her later. They then have sex. However, the next day she tells DeeJay that Puff needs to "lose her number and look into penis enlargement surgery."

Dee Jayne briefly appears in ISO TANK when Puff is remembering all the girls he's had the hots for over the series.


  • Her name, Dee Jayne, is an obvious play on DeeJay
  • For some unexplained reason, she has a framed picture of herself on her bedside table.