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Beeyotch got a penis.

DeeJay is the mixmaster for Your Favorite Martian. He is a supporting character in YFMTS.


Phase 1

In the first phase, DeeJay wore a bright blue tracksuit with two yellow lines running down the left side of the jacket. He had black hair styled into an afro, and his eyes were visible in Transphobic Techno, Grandma Got A Facebook and Tig Ol' Bitties. He is 5'8", making him the second shortest of the group.[1]

Phase 2

DeeJay's design changed the least in the transition from Studio Ladybug to Cosmic Toast, except for the colors becoming less saturated. He also sometimes wore black and yellow headphones in music videos.


DeeJay often acts as the voice of reason within the group, as he frequently helps the others get out of messes they made. He is not afraid to speak his mind, as shown in YFMTS #4 when he calls Tara the "bride of Chucky." He appears to be the most competent in the band as well, as he is shown doing many simple things for them, such as when they broke down in YFMTS #3: ZOMBILLIES and he fixed the engine. DeeJay seems to like insulting people as well, as he is shown to have a passion for "yo mama" jokes.

Instruments Played

  1. Mixers (Turn Table)
  2. Vocals (In certain songs)
  3. Acoustic Guitar (in ALIEN (Unplugged))


  • He has a cousin named Dee Jayne. This could mean that "Dee" is a running nickname in their family.
DeeJay having a cousin named DeeJane was revealed in PITY F*CK (YFMTS). The fact that she also has "Dee" in her name as a prefix, it could be a possibility that the "Dee" part in their names is just a nickname, and that DeeJane's actual name is "Jane", and DeeJay's actual name is "Jay". However, DeeJane's name could have been given to her by the creators as a joke, referencing the fact that she and DeeJay are cousins.
  • He was the backup singer for YFM before that spot was taken by Benatar.
  • In ALIEN (Unplugged), he is seen playing acoustic guitar.
  • DeeJay's eyes were shown three times, in Transphobic Techno (Bitch Got a Penis), Grandma Got a Facebook, and Tig Ol' Bitties.
  • DeeJay usually fixes up the mistakes that Puff makes.
  • While his eyes were shown in "Tig Ol' Bitties", he wore his hair in sort of a "Hi-Top fade"/"Hi-Top fashion".
  • While he had the 'High-Top' in "Tig Ol' Bitties", his skin appeared darker, and his outfit was different. He wore a different tracksuit, a little darker shade of blue than the one he currently wears, and it had no stripes. He wears a gray backpack while Benatar wears a deep-red one. Also, DeeJay wears different sneakers. (Instead of white, they were grey) with the flap-tongues of the shoes sticking out. And his top seems to cover up his pants more, making his pants look small, and he wasn't that fat.
  • Puff usually refers to him as "fat boy" or "fat ass".
  • DeeJay is 5'8, minus the Afro height, according to an official shirt on Ray William Johnson's website.
  • According to the fans, (with also numerous evidence from the series) DeeJay is the voice of reason in the band.
  • Unlike the rest of the band, he doesn't appear to hate Benatar, he may be neutral towards him, as he neither respects nor disrespects him. This is likely due to the fact that he knew both Benatar and Puff since High School.
  • DeeJay is 19-21 years old, and sometimes is implied as the oldest band member.
  • DeeJay's voice is much deeper in BOOTY STORE than it was in past videos.
  • After EPILEPTIC TECHNO, he now wears black and yellow headphones when he plays his turntables.
  • Oddly enough, zoomed out he has his yellow and black headphones on, but when it goes to show him operating his turntables his headphones are gone.[citation needed]
  • DeeJay seems to be the only one of the band who no one dislikes, as Axel hates Benatar and thinks Puff is a douche, and Puff thinks that Benatar has no talent, doesn't deserve to be a legend, and that he's whack. Benatar doesn't have any say.
  • DeeJay seems to have a talent for telling "Yo Mama" jokes, as well as "Yo Grandma" jokes.
  • In HIGH VOLTAGE (Linkin Park Cover), he is seen to have painted his right arm yellow, as well as a yellow strip down the right side of his body, presumably in homage to his tracksuit which has 2 yellow stripes on the right hand side.
  • A common missconseption is that he called Puff "Puff Puff Puff" while being drunk in ROAD RAGE (YFMTS) but the line was "A toast to pissing Puff Puff off."
  • Even though he's most commonly the voice of reason, Axel had a change of 'voice of reason' moment in telling Puff that drugs and suicide are unnecessary in "ISO TANK".
  • In "BUS ARREST", the 'community-service work vest' was too small for him, as they could not find one in his large, overweight size. Despite being large, he is still a little shorter than average.
  • DeeJay would weigh around 202 pounds, making him the heaviest member of the band.[citation needed]
  • DeeJay could be a little younger than DeeJane.
  • DeeJay might have been born on April 16, 1991.[citation needed]
  • DeeJay appears to be the least popular member of the band.