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DOUCHEBAGGED is episode one of YFMTS, in which Puff becomes a douchebag, much to the dismay of his band members.


On 27 November 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel, even though the original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel was still up.


Puff-Puff is caught admiring the boobs of a hot girl in a bikini at the Jersey Shore. After getting his butt kicked by a dude like The Situation, he must train with a manatee and learn to fight douche with douche.


The episode starts with the band walking on the Jersey Shore, where they meet their security guard Brock. It's described by him as a heaven for "bros" and "super hot panty-droppers," while gesturing to each one respectively. Puff gets distracted by one of the girls and walks over to her to try and flirt by asking a sexually explicit question about her, which results in him getting beaten up by her boyfriend as the screen cuts to black.

The screen opens back up to Brock and Puff, where he complains about almost scoring a girl. Brock says that he got douchebagged and it's a normal occurrence, to which Puff claims that he's going to get "twice as buff, and twice as douche-y as any of these pricks." Brock introduces him to his "Get Rock with Brock" workout routine, hoping that it'll help him out.

The next scene that follows is of a training montage with "Fight to Win" playing in the background. It shows Puff working out with the help of injections, being tanned, and chasing a manatee with Brock, all as training. After the montage, it cuts back to Puff chasing the manatee, with Brock encouraging him behind him. He tames the manatee, as Brock sheds a tear, claiming "it is time."

It cuts to Axel and DeeJay sat either side of a sandcastle, both looking fairly proud of themselves, before Puff jumps on it, crushing it. He returns to the douchebag that beat him up earlier in the episode to fight him, earning shocked shrieks from his girlfriend as she watches him attack her boyfriend. The next shot is of Puff standing on the douchebag, proud of himself.

The next scene consists of Axel, Benatar and DeeJay waiting for Puff to arrive at practise, as he is apparently three hours late. He bursts through the door, holding two girls, one of which being the douchebag's girlfriend, suggesting that they broke up, and with his manatee, now wearing sunglasses. DeeJay comments on how much of a douche he's become, which Puff takes as a compliment. He tries to sing, unable to, when Brock enters, explaining that after becoming a douchebag, you let certain things go. Puff complains that he loves being a douche, but it ultimately isn't worth it.

DeeJay asks if there's any way to reverse it, to which Brock pulls out a copy of Harry Potter and tells Puff to read it and not return until he knows what happened. It cuts to a black screen with the text "several hours later" on it, and then shows Puff returning back into the bus as he was before, excitedly ready to practise. Axel asks how this happened, which Brock responds to, saying that the only way to de-douche is to "read a hard book from cover to cover."

DeeJay criticizes the choice of Harry Potter, earning a harsh response from Puff. Axel smiles and says that he'll always be a douche to them.



  • Brock is Mr. DoucheBag from Mr. DoucheBag (song).
  • The microphone that Puff was using when he was a douche was Benatar's.
  • The douchebag that beat Puff up is the same one from EPILEPTIC TECHNO.
  • In the original storyboards, Mr. DoucheBag used his design from Epileptic Techno.

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