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So yeah, it didn’t work out. I mean, that girl smelled like Chewbacca’s ass. Wait, wait… Oh. Well, maybe it was me.
- Puff Puff Humbert in DOOKIE FRESH

Dookie Fresh is the 21st song released by Your Favorite Martian and the 5th video animated by Cosmic Toast Studios. It features Puff going out with a girl, which goes bad after he smells her horrid stench.

Music Video


Your Favorite Martian - Dookie Fresh -Official Music Video-


The video was uploaded again to the official YouTube channel on 20th Nov 2021.


Lyrics on the DOOKIE FRESH/Lyrics sub-page.


  • This song is the second time DeeJay takes a part in singing in the newer animation, after Booty Store.
  • This song has the second appearance of Oprah.
  • This is often considered to be the worst song released by YFM.