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DIE FOR ROCK & ROLL is episode two of YFMTS, in which the band hires a new member and tries to kill them off in an attempt to become famous.


On 27 November 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode opens on the band at a memorial for Elvis Presley. Puff begins hypothesizing that killing one of their members off will make them famous, which DeeJay calls a bad idea. He insists that it's a good idea and asks which one of them wants to die, prompting Axel to volunteer Benatar. Puff quickly shuts that idea down, claiming Benatar "doesn't deserve to be a legend," leading to both DeeJay and Axel refusing. Puff gets the idea to hire a new member and just kill them off instead, to which all of them agree to.

It then cuts to the band at Puff's grandma's retirement home, asking if she has any ideas. She says she might know someone, leading to an old man exiting the bathroom. Puff's grandma suggests him, claiming he was a bass player for either Kiss or Nirvana, although she'd need to "tickle his pickle" to be sure. He asks the man how his blood pressure is before it cuts to the next shot.

The curtain of a show is lowering as the old man from the previous scene is bowing, while Puff, DeeJay and Axel all stand at the side. They're all in shock at how well he did, with Axel saying he's a little jealous of him. The old man thanks them all, saying how much of a good time he had, then leaves as Puff says how terrible it is. Benatar walks into the shot, holding his keytar, as Puff tells Axel to call his pyrotechnic guys, claiming it's going to get "Michael Jackson Pepsi commercial crazy." Benatar and Axel exchange confused glances, as DeeJay explains what Puff meant.

It then cuts to them all at a show. The old man is playing guitar brilliantly, as Puff gestures at Axel. He steps on a button labelled "PYRO" by his drum kit, and the old man is engulfed in flames. The cheering from the crowd stops until the fire clears, where the man is still playing guitar, clearly having the time of his life. Axel shrugs at Puff, while the man stops playing, covered in ash and smoke.

The next shot is of Axel, DeeJay and Puff inside their tour bus, discussing how they need to fire him. The old man enters the bus, each arm around a girl, as Puff says they need to talk. They never got to talk, though, because of a record label representative entering and claiming he's found who he was looking for. He says that their show was brilliant, and that he wants to sign them into a label. Puff reacts, ecstatic that all their previous shows had finally paid off, though the rep says he's not interested in them, but rather the old man. He says he's gladly sign and walks off, telling the band that they're the best.

They complain about how the member they only hired to kill off became a star before they did, to which DeeJay explains how maybe nobody needs to die to get famous. Axel begins listing off other outlandish ideas to kill the old man off, to which Benatar pokes his head through a door and says, "autoerotic asphyxiation, right?" in response. Axel continues talking about other ways for him to die, before getting interrupted by DeeJay suggesting they do things the old fashioned way. The episode ends with Puff saying that they should see his grandma again, as there's probably "another old fuck there who's ready to die."



  • Benatar's speaking voice was heard for the first time in this episode.

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