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BUS ARREST is episode eleven of YFMTS, in which Puff gets put on bus arrest and tries to keep it a secret to Tig.


On 6 December 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode starts with Axel, Benatar and DeeJay doing community service. Axel asks how playing a free concert was "disturbing to peace," to which Benatar chips in that maybe they got busted because they set off pyrotechnics in a children's playground. DeeJay says that Puff should be out here doing the work, when he sticks his head out the window and explains that he was put on bus arrest. Axel asks how he's going to go on his date with Tig, as he starts worriedly saying that she can't find out he was put on bus arrest, otherwise she'll never go out with him again. Benatar, trying to be the voice of reason, says that Tig will probably understand his situation if he explained it to her, although Puff ignores it and says that his dare will have to stay on the bus.

Puff pulls up outside Tig's house and picks some tulips from the bush nearby him. He calls her over, as she walks over, annoyed that he didn't come to the door to greet her. He hands her the tulips as she excitedly says that she grows flowers just like them, just before her energy drops and she asks if they're hers. Puff tries to defend himself by saying he picked them himself, and she sighs and says that it's sort of sweet. Puff quickly insults her by saying she looks like shit, and that she should freshen herself up while he gets dinner ready.

The next scene is of Puff in a Burger Barn drive thru. He leans out the window and asks if they have anything that seems home-made, and then begins reading what he thought would appear home-made from the menu. He pulls up to the pick-up window where a pale teenager hands him his meal. He takes the food and it cuts to Tig and Puff sat at the table inside the tour bus. He begins lying that he slaved over a kitchen for hours to perfect the meal, before Tig asks if they have a deep fryer, incredulous. She eventually settles on how it's the thought that counts, and begins eating.

After eating, the two show up at a drive-in theater, expecting a romance movie. They lean in to kiss, just before the movie switches tone to a horror movie. Tig, exasperated, asks why Puff took her to a horror film, as he completely ignores the question and instead asks what was going on in the movie itself. Finally having enough, she demands that she be taken home from the worst date of her life.

They pull up outside Tig's house again, only this time, she's upset and annoyed. She says goodbye to him, not expecting Puff to walk her to the door, and leaves just as she begins to cry. He calls after her, looking down at the cuff on his jeans, and runs out of the bus, not caring what could happen next. As Tig unlocks her door, he pulls her into a short kiss, which she pulls away from looking vaguely satisfied. DeeJay walks up behind him, making sure that he knows he's going to jail, to which Puff says that it was worth it.



  • This is the longest episode of YFMTS.
  • This is one of the three episodes to feature Tig as a main plot point.
  • The fact that Puff went to Burger Barn rather than Burger World suggests that they have multiple fast-food restaurants, although it was most likely a case of the writers forgetting that they had already established a restaurant earlier in the series.
  • The end of the episode features another installment of "Axl's Capsule," where he talks about how YFMTS was going to be on hiatus because of the album they were working on.

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