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BAD SEED is episode four of YFMTS, in which the band takes care of Tig's bratty niece, Tara.


On 29 November 2021, a re-upload gets uploaded to the official YouTube channel. The original upload on the Animonster YouTube channel is still up.


The episode starts with Tig and Tara walking up to the bus and knocking on the door. Puff greets them both, and Tig thanks him for watching Tara. She walks off, saying she'll be back in an hour, as Puff lets Tara in, excitedly talking about the music lesson he has planned for her.

He shows Tara the bus, which she insults by saying it smells of "beer and feet," as Axel puts headphones on him and Vincent, noting to himself to get a vasectomy. It cuts to Tara about to throw an original copy of Straight Outta Compton, which Puff quickly takes off of her. He mentions that they should start learning some new chords, gesturing to Axel's guitar, although she rejects the idea and pushes the guitar over. Puff loses his temper slightly, telling her to have a good lesson because he promised her "fine-ass aunt with her big ol' titties" that she would. Tara walks over to a table and begins throwing a stack of books around, shouting the word "bored" repeatedly, to which Puff asks if there were pills he had to give her to get her to calm down.

It then cuts to DeeJay and Benatar at his mixing table, most likely recording music, when Tara appears behind them and pulls their headphones off, screaming "BORED!" at them. DeeJay reacts negatively, earning an innocent laugh from Tara, as she spills a slushie by the mixing table over. The two gasp, and DeeJay tells her to drink it up and asks Puff to get the "bride of Chucky" away from them.

Tara is then put on time out behind the driver's wheel, where Puff tells her to sit still and be quiet. She begins to complain that she's hungry and asks to be taken to Burger World, to which Puff responds that "[she] should've thought of that before [she was] an asshole." She begins chanting Burger World, which Puff seems mostly unaffected by, before punching Axel in the arm, prompting him to say that he's "almost done fucking the dragon." He drops the car keys that he was holding, which Tara discreetly picks up, as Puff walks away, looking for something to feed her.

She turns the bus on and begins driving away, very poorly. Puff rushes over to her, telling her to stop the bus, to which she responds with her "want[ing her] Burger World." He starts counting to three, before Tara stops the bus in the Burger Barn drive-thru, quietly commenting that driving was fun. It then cuts to the group eating burgers in the bus, with DeeJay complimenting how well she handled that. Puff insults him and tells him not to encourage her, saying that Tig's never gonna sleep with him after that. Axel also comments on how she did well before Tig knocks on the bus door. Puff apologizes profusely, thinking that Tara's going to tell her about all the bad stuff that happened, although when she gets to it, she says she had a really good time. She takes Axel's guitar and asks Tig if she wants to see what Puff allegedly taught her, as Axel makes a movie reference and tells Tara not to touch it.

She begins playing guitar expertly, earning a shocked look from the band, as Tig congratulates her on how well she did. She asks if they're okay to do it again, same time the following week, which they all respond to awkwardly, claiming it's the "best news ever."



  • Although the guitar is Axel's, Benatar is the only person ever seen using it.
  • The movie Axel makes a reference to is Back To The Future.

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