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Maybe we could take him up in a hot-air balloon, but not have the air balloon part. So basically just take him up in a basket.
- Axel Chains in DIE FOR ROCK & ROLL (YFMTS)

Axel Chains, usually referred to as Axel, is the drummer of Your Favorite Martian. He is a supporting character in YFMTS.


Axel has long shaggy brown hair, a skull shirt and jeans.

Phase 1

He has dark brown hair and a black shirt with a skull on it. His hair covers his eyes and he is 6'2, making him the tallest in the band.

Phase 2

Axel's design didn't change much in the redesign, except for the fact that his hair was made darker and the skull on his shirt was made slightly smaller. His wristbands are now brown, as are his shoes, and his jeans are cuffed at the bottom. He has a tooth missing and is 6'2", making him the tallest in the band.[1]


Axel is loud and perverted, which is most notably seen in YFMTS #6 and #4. He is also characterized as being quite stupid, as shown in YFMTS #2 where he is proposing outlandish ideas to kill off their new band member. While perverted, he is also quite childish, as he has a habit of using the word "has" incorrectly and says "I want my mom!" in YFMTS #7 after getting chicken pox. Axel seems to enjoy making movie references as well, as shown in YFMTS #2 where he references The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and in YFMTS #4 where he references Back to the Future.


  • Axel plays his Hi-Hat cymbal with his left hand almost always (when playing the drums you play the Hi-Hat with your dominant hand), so Axel may be left-handed.
  • Axel is the only member to not appear in Tig Ol' Bitties, which has led to many fan speculations.
  • He owns an electric guitar as seen in YFMTS #4, but Benatar is the only person seen using it.
  • Axel is the only member to not have his own solo song, as Benatar has Jupiter, DeeJay has Transphobic Techno, and Puff has most of the older songs.
  • The animation shows him drumming almost completely incorrectly in certain songs such as "ROAD RAGE."
  • His Hi-Hat cymbal has no pedal.
  • He has a pet hawk named Vincent, although DeeJay calls it a pigeon.
  • His drumsticks have his name on them.
  • Axel has never been audibly heard in songs, though he is frequently heard in YFMTS.
  • He is the only band member to have never revealed their eyes.
  • In JUPITER, his suit is the only one to not have a flag on the shoulder, instead having a skull.
  • Axel also briefly hosted Axel's Capsule, a short series within YFMTS.
  • Axel has a small phallus as shown in YFMTS Pity Fuck.
  • Axel is known to formally have herpes in the short Quarantine.