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I drink until I feel like Tyson punched me out, and until these chicks get sick of us, I'll collect hearts like Kid IcarusPuff Puff Humbert

8-Bit World is the 15th song released by Your Favorite Martian. it features Humbert and Hoodie Allen as they compare parts of their lives to video games.

• Music Video •

8-BIT WORLD featuring Hoodie Allen - (Your Favorite Martian music video)
8-BIT WORLD featuring Hoodie Allen - (Your Favorite Martian music video)

• Lyrics •

Lyrics on the 8-BIT WORLD feat. Hoodie Allen/Lyrics sub-page.

• Trivia •

  • This is the last song in the older animation style (apart from Puppet Break-Up)
  • Supposedly Axel reminds some people of Lilo from Lilo & Stitch in this animation.
  • This song has the first appearance of Peach and Link. It has the second appearance of Mario and Mega Man.
  • This is the 4th song to have a guest singer. First being Orphan tears, Fight To Win, and Stalkin' Your Mom. The next ones are Whip Yo Kids, She Looks Like Sex, and White Boy Wasted.
  • If you look closely, Axel sticks his tongue out in certain parts of the song.
  • It is the second song to reference video games as the basis of it. The first one is Fight To Win.
  • It is the 3rd song to have 2 animation styles, the first 2 being Club Villain and Robot Bar Fight.
  • Princess Peach is Puff-Puff's (Humbert's) girlfriend/love interest alongside his pseudo-friend Nintendo's mascot Mario. She is also Ray William Johnson himself's live girlfriend/love interest.
  • In some segments Puff-Puff provided Benatar's lyrics.
  • 8-Bit World had 144 lyrics - 36 sets, 4 lyrics in each set.
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